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Ceramic Cuia.

Ceramic Cuia.

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Beautifully hand-turned Brazilian-style mate mug. Place the herbs of your choice on the ring and add them to your infusion as you like.

  • hand turned
  • dishwasher safe
  • tasteless

Color - Black
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Brazilian mate mug

  • Material: ceramic
  • Capacity: approx. 130 - 150 ml
  • Matching Bombilla or Bomba 16cm to a maximum of 19cm

This mate tea mug is based on an original Brazilian-style mate calabash.
Advantage of the ceramic variant, it is tasteless, easy to clean and has the perfect shape for enjoying Mate.

How does the Cuia work?

Place your caamate or your selection of herbs on the ring and always add as much to your current infusion as you would like.
This is how wonderful creations and completely new taste experiences are created.
Preparation instructions are included with each Cuia.

Each Cuia is a one-off, the glaze always behaves slightly differently during firing.
Therefore, color deviations from the product image are possible.

Lots of nice mate.

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Customer Reviews

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Udo Thiel

Top Produkt

Perfekt fürs Büro oder dem Rechner

+ immer gleich bleibende Stärke
+ sehr gut dosierbar
+ über lange Zeit immer frisch
+ sieht sehr cool aus!
- wenn man beim trinken lacht und ausatmet ist die Tastatur voll :)

Meiner Meinung nach perfekt für die Einsteiger. Der Geschmack ist konstant und daher besser für den Einstieg.


Wirklich wunderschön, hat direkt einen Ehrenplatz auf meinem Schreibtisch ergattert.